A GigaPan image of the Shaw Woods
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This image was captured October 10, 2011
Contributed by Alex Smith

 "The photo is 4585 megapixels large and comprised of 840 individual pictures (42 columns by 20 rows).  

 The panorama  is filled with a fantastic amount of information. Zoom in, move around and explore. A feature of the viewing software, called ’snap-shoting’, allows viewers to highlight a section of the photo and then annotate or comment on it; very valuable for collaborations or outreach.
The initial snapshots are visible in the bottom left hand side of the panorama. If you select a snapshot, the comments the author has made appear to the right hand side, while the viewer is zoomed in to that section of the GigaPan. This process of annotation is open to anyone, anywhere in the world!  As you'll see below, I think it's a fantastic way to search for different things captured in the photos. !

 If you have the google earth plug in installed on your computer, you can see the whole 360 panorama displayed on a sphere so that the canopy stretches over your head here: http://bit.ly/qwmrA4. "

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